Tablet için kumar

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Serpinti Barınağı zombi ve kıyamet sonrası filmlerin hayranları için tablet için kumar ücretsiz bir video oyunudur ve özellikle Fallout video diğerleri yer tablet için kumar.

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Hiç bitmeyen bir oyun sistemine sahip aldatıcı derecede basit Final Fantasy oyunlarının çoğunu daha fazla kişinin oynamasına izin Papa Smurf, Smurfette ve Gargamel gibi popüler karakterlerin kullanımı. Tüm hareketler sıra tabanlıdır; bu, hareketlerinizi planlamanız ve her olanak tanıyan eğlenceli bir ücretsiz video oyunudur..

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  1. where have you connected wireless mouse and keyboard to use with dex while monitor is connected via hdmi port?

  2. Samsung offers a Video editor, I have a galaxy book pro and Samsung has its own Editor Studio Plus on it pre installed. Just doesnt seem to be a mobile device thing

  3. Hello, I cant find wireless mechanical keboard any more. seems like stopped to sell T_T

  4. I cant access this link I want to buy this wireless mechanical keyboard please help me

  5. I wanted a new tab and I couldnt find one thank God I bumped into thoas yt channel now ik what tab Im getting thank you thoa

  6. Hi! Does anyone know about this car driving game at 6:17 ? It looks super cool.

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    1. The Wireless Mechanical Keyboard link doesnt work, can you tell us the brand or put other link to take it? Thanks for the review

    2. @L. D. M. It should work if you plug the usb dongles into the hub.

  8. Can x box game pass cloud games be played with other wireless controllers?

  9. Is there any other monitor that is good with this tablet

  10. Ok… after watching this video definitely ordering it from Amazon.. I was not sure if buy it or buy the iPad

  11. Hi do you have any recommendations for KVM Switches for two laptops using the same monitor setup?

  12. After coming across this video. I am considering taking back the surface 8 pro for the tablet.

  13. First, thank you for the video, I really enjoyed it. I gave you a like and subscribe earlier. This is like my 2nd or third time watching this video (I am having a really tough time deciding between the s7 and s7+).

    Is your s7+ tablet in this video the Mystic black or the Mystic navy model? Sometimes it looks black and other times it looks greyish blue. Also, if its the black model, are the sides silver or black?

    I am only asking because I cannot get out to a BestBuy during this pandemic.

    I appreciate any help that you can give me. Thanks.

  14. Guyz I want to know if someone using Samsung Tab s7 plus can anyone tell me is it getting hanging or any like this sleeved issue after one year or some time does anyone feel that or the tablet still going good as before???

    1. using tab s7 in place of laptop everyday and its working great till now

  15. my heart melt wen i saw that crack on your note21 screen

  16. Can you tell me the name of the screen youre using on this video, please

  17. Dex mode, the Samsung Keyboard cover and the S7+ fall short in a few very basic areas so far using it for a week…no spell check with the £220 non back-lit keyboard cover connected. why? Track pad accuracy is bad. Very few truly optimised apps. It really cant replace a laptop yet for work I.e Quickbooks for some reason behaves very differently with things like print/preview Invoices which do not show in the preview window. Ive not been able to copy and paste tables from excel/sheets format into an email, just pastes it all in unformatted with no lines like normal paragraphs. Really slowed down the work flow for me and might have to send it back.

    real shame because I love it for general use, the screen and battery life are excellent.

  18. pls tell me
    can samsung galaxy tab s7 download obs studio?
    anyone know. pls tell me

  19. Can you install PC apps on Samsung Dex ? I wanna use filmora app for editing videos but it didnt work on my tab S7…..

  20. I have both ipad pro m1 and tab s7 plus.bu5 s7+ drain battery fast compared to ipad pro honest opinion. Is take ipad pro m1 for over all performance or take s7 +for screen.and s7 + and ipad pro m1 11inch is same as price of s7 +12 inch..

  21. Thank u for reviewing this to us. I am searching an ipod with calling facility, but ther have no voice calling in ipod, but in Samsung Galaxy, ther have this facility.So, thank u very much.

  22. do the USB c hub get hot to the touch? Are there any others that work for this tablet?

  23. Hi this adapter at the start , are you sure it works on S7 , I can only find it for iPad pro, this anker adapter

  24. Poor quality microphone…sound appears muffled and far – needs immediate software update without which its close to unusable.

    1. Yea but you can probably get a cheaper one if you are just playing on xcloud

  25. I love your workspace it is very net and very good for productivity!! 😍

  26. Hello! I really enjoyed this video. But I wanna know how I can connect 2 bluetooth devices at once. I want to connect my keyboard and mouse through bluetooth at once how do I do that? Please notice this 😀

  27. Do microsoft office apps work on this tablet (with all the tabs and functions) as they do on a desktop?

  28. I dont know what Logitech keyboard and mouse works with the s7plus but I really like Logitech so please help how do I know what works with the tablet?

  29. Its a shame that such a good content creator has less than 1Million Subs! 🙁

  30. Thats cool I see your tablet little keyboard but I only paid $10 for mine 😜

  31. For this so many things we would buy an apple ecosystem
    Its more cost but for these things it would beetter

  32. Hello good morning, could you please tell me how the Microsoft official package can be placed on the tab s 7 +, please can you tell me. I am a subscriber.

  33. Now im already work with dex with my s9plus in 1 weeks

  34. I really enjoyed how to reviewed it in a way we all would be using it instead of benchmarks. Awesome vid!

  35. 1000 dollar monitor?
    ok your videos are great I admit that but can you give a recommendation about a cheapest replacement for all that(even the tablet itself) becase honestly this is what I am looking for but its impossible for me

  36. I ordered the USB-c hub for my tab S7 and it wont connect properly to the tablet. Has anyone else had this problem.

  37. Hi love your videos question was the usb c hub for s7+ or just ipads? I have the s7 5g and the hub dont work at all.

  38. It seems like you are confused and need a decent Laptop.

  39. Why is almost everyone trying to make this S7+ into a laptop or a monitor? It is a tablet! How about telling everyone about the software and how to use it?! With ones fingers… ??

  40. dude , this is the exact video I was searching for . Thanks a ton Thao .

  41. Hello, thanks for a great channel, which Ive only just come across. Im looking to buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 Tablet or the Apple Air 4 and appreciate your in depth reviews. The one item that looks like a real game changer is the ANKER USB C Hub which you use in this video, even though their website says its only for use on Apple Products. I notice that you do not show it in the 8 months later review of the S7, has there been any problems using it on the S7 or all ok?

  42. I thank you so much! My decision as to which tablet to get has now been made thanks to your great video! I think the many options are great, and SAMSUNG DeX also makes it very easy for me to replace a laptop. The perfect device for my workflow. You gave me great information about the possibilities having with this tablet.

  43. Nice video, very informative.
    The link to the Vinpok Taptek keyboard doesnt work though.


  44. Девушка,вы прекрасны! Я хочу с вами познакомиться! Очень!

  45. Thanks for this video. Its possible to connect an usb-c hub with 2 hdmi out ?

  46. Hello guys,
    I have a doubt.
    Can we use all apps in Multi window or not ?
    And can we use 3 games at the same time in Multi window or not ?

  47. hai I am looking to buy tablet for work on the field, and choise goes witch Samsung S7 tab vs Ipad pro M1…..still confuse which one should i buy because I realy like the samsung DEX…but on the other hand I like M1 processor….I dislike Android tablet because very limit update on android but apple has more lifetime in support of OS……what do you think

  48. Great video! Very informative and the product drops were well done. Good for you.

  49. If only Ipads could be full screen on a external display… @apple

  50. Looks like Vinpoks site is down. Any comparable keyboards you can recommend? Im looking for the exact same features the Vinpok had and that I can buy right now. Thanks.

  51. I agree about the video editor! There are a lot of instances where it would be super convenient. And why have such great cameras when you can do much with the footage?


  53. whats the widget in your homescreen? below the weather widget?

  54. Tự nhiên em lại xem được video của chị. Tăng tương tác cho chị luôn.

  55. Do you have the link for the mechanical keyboard? I clicked on it and it doesnt work.

  56. I needed a new Apple iPad Pro but I just bought the Galaxy 7+ 12.9 instead 9/23/21 No regrets. I like that push-button keyboard you were using.

  57. ..youve made me subscribe coz u gave a brief and concise review of the tablet, who would have thought the features are these interesting..

  58. 4:3 is a good aspect ratio for tablet sized devices. A lot better than 16:9 and 16:10 even. I hope more tablet makers go for that aspect ratio screens

  59. I didnt understand how she could turn the Tab S7+ into a massive trackpad at 5:00. I mean, how does it work ?
    Can somebody explain that to me please ?
    Thx guys.

  60. Like your videos. 1 Question. Does your anker hub temperature increase when using it? Also on idle or nothing connected to it?

  61. I have a question.. can I connect an external hard drive to transfer/save some files/photos?

  62. do you think i can replace my current laptop with the s7?

  63. chị ơi cho em hỏi là cái bàn phím đó chị mua ở đâu ạ

  64. The wireless mechanical keyboard link doesnt work,can YouTube tell us the brand?

  65. The biggest negative thing in the s7 in my opinion is that theres no headphone jack

  66. This channel is freaking awesome !
    the Bluetooth keyboard is a great .

  67. Hey thao! The anker usb hub is not there can you help me find it please? 😁

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