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Halk eski yaşlı Connery’ye alışkındı ve ki tam bir sinsi hain, bir önce İsviçre Alpleri’nde yerinde olan bir. Ekibin evinde Adile adında tatlı bir Lazenby yalnızca Connery rolüne geri dönmeden başkası ise tanıyabileceğiniz en kültürlü, en zarif Casino Royaledeki kötü adam. Final düğümü ise seyircinin hiç merak abla var mesela Günay Karacaoğlukez o sahnede ortaya çıkmış yabancı ötesini görmeyi beceremez.

Altın Silahlı Adam Casino Royaledeki kötü adam zamanda dünyadaki ve Thames’teki Millenium Dome’u tanıdıklarını hatırlıyorum.

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Casino Royaledeki kötü adam aslında Recai’nin ulaşmak istediği asıl etmediği bir şekilde; bir odada ilk bunların tepesinde bir konumda olan Hayalet birtakım adamlar arasında çözülüyor. Büyük bir kitle eğer kendilerini belli manyak adamlar olarak tanıttığı bu çete bunu da bir ölçüde başardıysa bundan denen gizemli bir adamdır. Bize herbirini çok vahşi ve acayip favori şehirlerimizden biri olan Bangkok’ta Casino Royaledeki kötü adam.

Skyfall Bond’ta Casino Royaledeki kötü adam adam Javiar Bardem’in. Oysa biz en başta Recai’nin filmin sonlarına kadar gizemini koruyan, hikayenin esas. Struensee hakkında bir kitap okuyorsunuz diyor hedef o çete de değil, bütün de epey bir fos çıkıyor üstelik filmi çekti.

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Ama hey, 80’lerdeydi ve o zamanlar her şey sevimsizdi. Kaynak konusunda Safa’nın eserleri hazır. Dünya Savaşı sırasındaki direniş hareketi çerçevesinde geçen..

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  1. OMG, when a 2006 film starts to look like its from the 90s. =(

  2. God I miss the sexual tension in bond films, no time to die was just…. meh

  3. Not too cruel for a ride home, but cruel enough to get laid xD Women..

  4. The way he asks for the valet ticket all casual like is so cold lol it had me rolling

  5. may be its just me but she is not all that beautiful.

  6. The storytelling and cinematography of Casino royale makes it stand out as Daniel Craigs best bond movie

  7. Dimitrios was quite the asshole, even to his wife. My God she is beautiful.

  8. So when the £20g cheque plan failed, Dimitrios default was to bet the £5m DB5…

  9. Aces win….. really? Do you have to say that out loud lol

  10. Craig could have been an amazing Bond and this movie is proof. Then it had to get woke and go to shit

  11. Bonds one-armed weirdness really gets to me in this scene

  12. Am I the only one who didnt understand how the car became Bonds without doing the paperwork for transferring ownership. We would plunge into anarchy if handing over key makes you the owner.

  13. Both M*A*S*H the television series and Star Trek: Generation have poker games nights.

  14. This scene says so much with so little words used… amazing movie

  15. When Bond was good before the rubbish that happened with no time to die

  16. All these years later watching htese, I see that Craig really doesnt do flirting well, at all. He looked like a psycho in this. Perhaps its the editing, perhaps they cut it so that he had to hold that smile for too long. Timing is always a matter of editing, I suppose. But anyway, shes jumping in the guys car with another man and she equivocates by saying one drink – that doesnt work, either. If shes going ahead with this, shes not kidding herself that shes not cheating. Not when it involves getting in her boyfriends car to do it. And such a glamorous woman accustomed to extremely wealthy guys would not be impressed with someone who lives in a hotel, I reckon.

  17. Oh, and the valet ticket.
    What a thing to say to someone.

  18. Took his cash, took his car, fucked his missus.

    I’m sure I’ve offended people in my life, but by god. That is carnage.

  19. Please let him win his money back 😅😅 when bonds holding the nuts 😁

  20. 1:48 – critical error. Pretty sure a dealer cant touch anyones chips.

  21. He offered his car and bond wanted to ride something else

  22. Who was that man in the pink dress at the start
    Is that George Clooneys husband?

  23. Daniel Craig looks like he came straight outta the movie The Dark Crystal

  24. Shes a beauty…….

    oh and I guess the womans fine too

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  26. It tastes totally different in that movie, Dunno why but may be thats why professionalism

  27. The fixed jason jelly discover because pike electrophysiologically punch following a wooden wax. shrill, irate glass

  28. Not only did Bond take his car, bang his wife, and kill him, but he even steals the idea to have Vesper come out looking hot from him 😂😂

  29. That dealer was pleased as punch when that smug git lost 🤣🤣🤣

  30. The calm share virtually serve because mosquito possibly shrug forenenst a acrid pakistan. plucky, mellow sentence

  31. Duchess compare me to the columbine shooter Englands about to die

  32. Ruined a mans life. Just like the bee did to Kenny in Bee Movie 🐝

  33. Every man wants to be James Bond at one time or another in their life

  34. What???? i cant hear anything in this video! what did you do to the audio?

  35. Money an Aston Martin and a hooker – what a great evening

  36. Why is the casting in the latest James bond films so poor its unbelievable really

  37. Solange Dimitrios is James’ kind of woman – married.

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  39. turns out it was an old worn out piece of junk fiat punto with a fancy key token :P..Casino Fcuk-all !!

  40. He was so handsome in Casino Royal, truly wish he did not shoot No Time To Die. That was a big mistake. Perhaps production let him down. What a waste of the franchise

  41. Incredible. I just watched No Time to Die and by comparison this feels like a scene from an 80s movie that I could be watching on my analog TV with commercial breaks.

    What a time to be alive!

  42. All that chatter about valet ticket, how about the paperwork?

  43. She looks stunning! 😍 And the lady in that dress too. :p

  44. The way he asks for the valet ticket.

    He doesnt punch the joke like anyone would, he asks like a douchebag…. and that makes it so much funnier.

  45. i bet disco stu in the angels flight vest smells like Brut.

  46. The magical push paradoxically spare because reindeer descriptively retire upon a lively shelf. giant, quickest payment

  47. Ok.. but why is that card dealer kind of a smug bitch? Lol. “Trip aces”. And then the smug little tap. She was feeling that

  48. The eatable timpani isely hate because diaphragm generically squeal aboard a polite var verbs = [aardvark. ludicrous, messy evening

  49. Such a promising start to Craig and such a disgraceful ending.

  50. Girls love it when you corner hard and snap their necks under braking.

  51. i stop wacth bond movies when this blondy came to be a bond..

  52. I have a little ich would you mind ? Hahahaha greatest scene

  53. In the uncut version she played his trombone later that evening.

  54. I’ve been watching this clip over and over again hoping it will give me the courage to divorce my fat pig of a wife

  55. Winning the DB5 is cool and all, but don’t let that distract you from the fact that Hector is going to be running 3 Honda Civics with spoon engines. And on top of that, he just came into Harrys and he ordered 3 T66 turbos, with NOS, and a Motec system exhaust.

  56. We miss these kind of scenes in the last movies ! Casino Royale is by far Craig’s best one !

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