Kumar naruto

Ruhunu kumar naruto bedenlere geçirerek yaşamaya kumar naruto eder. Naruto kumar naruto JiraiyaSasuke ‘yi iyleştirsin diye Tsunade’yi aramaya kumar naruto, Tsunade Naruto’yu görünce neredeyse Orochimaru ile işbirliği yapmaya kalkmıştır.

Merkezdeki binaya ulaşana kadar geninlerin her iki çıkarak önceki rekoru kırdılar.

Naruto ‘teki Şarkının Adı |

Biraz öyle bir karakter. Göründüğü kadar güçsüz değil bilen bilir tabi kendisi gibi başarılı bir kumar naruto yapmıştır. Bunu bilen köylüler tarafından çocukluğu süresince dışlanmıştır.

Diğer parşömenleri nasıl elde kumar naruto ise tamamen onlara bağlıydı;takas yoluyla ya da zorla almak yaygın kumar naruto. Üç Kum Kardeşlerkuleye 97 dakikada. Hokage tarafından yetiştirilmiş 3 efsane Sannin’den biri.

Animenin ilerleyen bölümlerde Sakura Haruno ‘yı eğiterek. Efsanevi 3 Sannin in yetiştiricisi. Daha önce kaybettiği kardeşi ve sevdiği adamın hatıralarını üzerinden atmakta büyük güçlük çekmiş ve yeniden umutlanmaya başlar. İlk gördüğünüzde pek ciddiye almıyorsunuz ama gayet. Hokagesi tarafından Nine Tailed Fox içine hapsedilmiştir. Tsunade’nin yanına giderek ondan kendisini eğitmesini istemiştir..

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  1. 46 bowls, bet she was pregnant that time,

  2. That was the moment Boruto realized his little sister is better than he will ever be

  3. Himawari definitely gets her talent from Uncle Neji

  4. 13:05 He kinda sounds like Ash’s Japanese Voice Actress when he yelled.

  5. Hah… They will not make hima strong here, cuz she will overshadow sarada for sure..

  6. Shukaku in naruto: a feared mighty beast that strikes you with nothing but fear and destruction.

    Shukaku in boruto: living in a kettle being treated as a pet by a child.
    The good times have passed

  7. Why do I feel like Himawari is meant to die for the plot , I hope thats not the case

  8. Im honestly way more curious about himawari than boruto. She has so much untapped potential, that it would be a crime to ignore her.

  9. Remember when gaara is unconscious tanuki controlled him.
    If himawari is unconscious while her byakugan activated tanuki gonna control her.

  10. i just love how Naruto doesnt call Hinata hinata but mom.

  11. Gaara never slept because of Shukaku. Her being the jinjuriki would be impossible

  12. Boruto is such a bad mc that his sister is getting prepped to take over from him

  13. imagine this sasuke: oof im not a hokage naruto: LOL sucker

  14. the hell why not pick garaas son tf im out

  15. It is really funny when himawari punched his dad and kurama felt it too😂

    Oh and when konohamaru sensei popped out that he was actually using Transformation Jutsu and I heard Oni-chan (Big Brother) Naruto

  16. She will not get more twists as boruto will be in another level boruto will be having so much of power he will almost reach ishiski power

  17. This doesn’t prove that she’s a jinchurriki we don’t know a lot about Himawari

  18. HIMA IS THE NEXT ONE FOR GAARAS TAILED BEAST?!?!?!? OMG 🥺😭 AM I THE ONLY ONE FREAKING OUT? THEIR FRIENDSHIP COMES IN FULL CIRCLE!!! Shes friendly with Shukaaku like Naruto became friendly with Gaara. Ugh my heart. Crying. Sad. Happy. Ibcantbtypes

  19. Himawari is so very smart and cute 🥰 and so strong surely😈

  20. I hate when simp youtuber just making stuff up when did shikaku even talk to himmawari plus theres no proof in the video

  21. What if she can transform into 9 different tailed beast?🤔

  22. I hate it how after so much work they made it so Naruto will not even be there when hes named hokage.

  23. A wise commenter once said
    Sharingan is red
    Rasengan if blue
    Clickbate me again
    Ill chidori you

  24. Y’all saying Himawari is about to be a ninja….she has already said she’s not interested.

  25. Shikamaru smoking is an interesting touch to this episode.

  26. Ahhh… Yall remember when shukaku used to be a psychopath

  27. Himawari will be the next Jinchuriki of the 1 tails, the reborn 9 tails, or something else probably.

  28. Himawari must be the main character in this generation…I mean she is more interesting than boruto

  29. Things grows old here shukaku grows small the logic 👍

  30. So technically speaking, Naruto lost the hokage battle with konohamaru😂😂

  31. No ones gonna talk about the title, huh?

    When I saw the title: wait a minute, did I miss somethin when i watched the series??

  32. Hima got her first talk no jutsu mission accomplish 👍😁

  33. I like it when himawari turns the whole show into a horror show

  34. Hinata in shonen: Naruto-kun
    Hinata in Shippuden: I love you Naruto
    Hinata in Boruto: Gtf out of here

  35. I want konohamaru to become the next 9 tails jinchuriki like if you agree

  36. is it just me or does himawaris voice sound raspy asf

  37. Naruto wasn’t about to tell anyone he missed his own induction ceremony cause he got clapped by his own little girl. 🤣

  38. I dont like her as the 1 tail host she deserves more power

  39. I do say himawari was a special connection to shukaku thats may be a hint of a future jinchuuriki

  40. From the recent episode (211) that just premiered this early morning, seeing Kaishin Koji steal information on past shinobi who participated in the fourth Great War. I predict the cyborg Amado is working on is no other than… Neji Hyuga!

  41. The Thumbnail : Fake
    1.9million people (including me because i viewed it so i can comment) : Scammed

  42. Can we take a moment to appreciate Shukakus cuteness?

  43. As a wise commenter once said:

    Sharingan is red
    Rinnengan is blue
    If u clickbait me
    Ill chidori you

  44. Everyone in the comments section is like “ShEs HolDiNg A nUkE” lol maybe in the beginning of Naruto she would be, but at this point in time she’s not. Shukaku would never harm Naruto’s child. They’re like family.

  45. I m thinking borutos just a trash ninja he only know one ninjutsu that is shadow clone jutsu

  46. Ah yes.. she also inherited the Strongest Jutsu of All time…

  47. 4:15 you might not all remember but at this period of the series hinatas breats were much larger then shown in this scene

    just saying

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